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In the forefront of Jungle and River Adventurous Activities.

Dandeli resorts come into existence when they got good support from Mother Nature. The flora of fauna was very rich in the Dandeli wildlife Sanctuary apart from this mother kali, the river which flows in Dandeli Jungle, gave additional beauty a natural beauty in this vicinity. Those in this way when people started visiting such a beautiful place, at first to study about the forest of its existence of the river & its values, Later the people come to stay in such a beautiful nature in Dandeli jungle. Initially people who visited Dandeli jungle found very difficult to adjust with the circumstances because there was no proper accommodation for them to stay, when they wanted to stay for few days to enjoy the beauty of dual nature.

Then flashed an idea of introducing a resort to such a popular & natural place & then came Bison Resort into existence. This was only the resort among the Resorts in Dandeli, which came first to fulfill the needs of the tourists who visited Dandeli karnataka & the wildlife sanctuary of Dandeli karnataka. After this number of resorts at Dandeli comes into existence which were set up on the banks of river kali & fulfilled all the mode amenities that the tourists needed.

There are about seven well established resorts in Dandeli & some yet to come up. Resorts at Dandeli always cater to the needs of the visitors to Dandeli karnataka, the beauty of nature. All these changes took place in a span of about 15 years which attracted various tourists to Dandeli jungle resorts, not only from all the corners of India but also from many countries of the world come to visit Dandeli jungle resorts. The tourists who visited the wildlife Sanctuary of stayed in the Dandeli Resorts. Were very much happy, beyond their limits.

The care to the activities that the Dandeli Jungle Resort offer are many. The customers who happen to visit these resorts at Dandeli are thrilled by the stay and activities provided by Dandeli jungle resorts and Dandeli hotels. There are so many tourist from other countries, the developed countries who were very well exposed to the world of luxury, they were so happy and comfortable when the visited such a beautiful and natural place. Even the food which is served in resorts is of good fase too, because they are planed before keeping the taste of customers in mind who visit these resorts. All together the continental food is provided at these places. In all the Resorts in Dandeli customer care is an priority to satisfy them and make them feel their presence in the beauty of Dandeli Jungle and the river kali at Dandeli karnataka.

There are always full-fledged trained guids, cooks and rafters to cater to the needs of the customers who visit Jungle resorts in Dandeli. The resorts provide proper guids to the tourists who visit Dandeli karnataka; they accompany the tourists at the time of their trekking in the Dandeli forest. These giuds are well trained about the dangers of the jungle and even the river. In Dandeli resorts guids are well versed in spoting birds and beasts of the forest. Resorts at Dandeli also provide White Water Rafting, with trained rafters are always present with the customers at the time of the thrilling activity.



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