...Dandeli -Anshi Tiger Reserve is located in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka State.
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Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve only place for all this in Dandeli a small city on the bank of river kali and in the midst of the jungle in Karwar District of Karnataka, India. Though Dandeli is so small it is noted world wide for its teak wood and fauna of the Dandeli forest. Dandeli has got the pre-independence history during the Britisher’s rule.

The fauna was very rich those days and the British Government gave rewards for killing the tigers in this vicinity. During that period hundreds of tigers and cubs were killed to control the tiger population because some them had become man-eaters. Now for your surprise there are only 13 tigers left in this region. This was possible because Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary came into existence in the year 1998. later Anshi National park also came into existence in the year 2003, which led to the protection of wildlife in the region. There are about 45 Elephants in this region. It is said that the elephants are not the residents of Dandeli forest because they migrated from Mysore and due to some or the other reason some could not return back to Mysore and became residents of Dandeli Forest.

There are various activities conducted in this river, the first and the foremost event for all the visitors. The thrill and excitement you get in rafting can not be valued again. Coracle ride, visit to Island, fishing and visit to crocodile park in Dandeli teach lot of things and develop oneness in the team.

There are some activities in the Dandeli forest too. You can go for nature walk in the morning along with this the arboreal mammal lovers can have a Bird watch for which Dandlei jungle is famous for. There are about 300 spices of birds which includes Hornbills (4 species). The existence of these hornbills indicate the existence of dense forest because they need more then 20 varieties of fruits for their survival. Rappelling is loved by many youngsters, Jungle Safari is an open jeep takes you closer to the Dandeli forest. You may get a chance of sighting wildlife of Dandeli.

You are going to miss something if you miss visiting Dandeli once and if you visit once to Dandeli you feel like visiting it again and again. This is the beauty of it.


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