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This Dandeli Jungle Inn is about 6 kms from Dandeli town, situated in a thick forest of Dandeli. Basically this area was developed by British Government in pre independence period. This was built by them as the guest house for their officers roughly in the year 1935. They stayed in this place to look after the plywood factory which is now closed due to shortage of raw materials. The teak plantation done in this vicinity is not the Dandeli  teak, this was done by Britishers and the saplings were from Burma and other places.

Dandeli Jungle Camp Inn Dandeli Jungle Camp Inn

All this was looked after Delhi management before independence and now this is looked after Mumbai management. When the factory was shut down Mr Manjunath Rathod, an ex-serviceman who got one year training in NIM (Nehru Institute of Mountaineering) thought of making good use out of waste. After talking to the management he took the charge of modifying the guest house without much  structural changes to bring the original for Dandeli Jungle Inn. Now the British guest house is ready to make your stay comfortable with all the basic amenities. Dandeli Jungle Inn has got some tents for those who want to spend this night in the Dandeli forest.

Dandeli Jungle Camp Inn Dandeli Jungle Camp Inn
Dandeli Jungle Camp Inn Dandeli Jungle Camp Inn

There are many more activities conducted by Dandeli Jungle Inn. Morning trekking in the forest takes you to Jungleshwar Temple. An old temple worth seeing. You are then taken to the top of mountain from where you can have an eagle view of Dandeli and around Dandeli. You are then taken to the church which was built in the year 1939 by Britishers.

As Aristotle rightly said “ In all things of nature there is something of the Marvelous”. You have the best opportunity of sighting a Flying Squirrel which is very rare in this Dandeli Jungle. You have many other activities to be engaged with they are fire fox commando bridge, sky walking, Tarzan bridge and Burma bridge.  With all this you have water based activities in the roaring Kali river. They are white water rafting, Coracle ride, Jacuzzi, Rappelling & Jungle Safari. Open jeeps are used in jungle safari so the you can have a close look towards the beauty of Dandeli forest. You are going to cover 25 – 30 kms of the interior of this wood.All together you are going to experience something new by staying in Dandeli Jungle Inn.

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