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Dandeli tourism karnataka - Dandeli city in uttarakannada district of Karnataka state is popularly known as a tourist center, which attracts every year thousand of tourists from different parts of the world. This Dandeli town ( Dandeli tourism karnataka ) situated along the western ghats is surrounded by the all the rich natural resources like evergreen forest and is a wildlife sanctuary. Besides the magnificent and gorgeous kali river with its rare reptiles adds beauty to the flora and fauna of Dandeli.

The Dandeli tourism karnataka due to many of river Pandri and Kali, which takes its path through the forest ranges of Western ghat valley and joins the Arabina sea. The government has utilized the natural resource for generating Hydel electricity by establishing about five dams in the down stream of the river kali. This river has been a shelter for various aquatic animals consisting of different species and crocodiles. The dam along with the crocodile park is worth seeing tourist spot. In addition to this Kali river offers its tourists varieties of water sports like white water rafting, boating, kayaking, coracle ride and a natural massage called Jacuzzi. These activities have attracted tourists from different parts of the Globe.

Dandeli tourism karnataka have different tourist innumerable worth seeing resorts both government and private.

The Dandeli tourism karnataka have different tourist spots to visit here for Eg. The Jangaleshwar temple which is situated on the top of the hilly area is a temple of lord shiva. In addition to this Kavala caves is also an abode Lord Shiva and the Shivaling situated in the interior of the caves attract thousands of devotees every year during shivaratri. At the arms length from Dandeli is Handbhadangnath temple of Lort Shiva. Some 50 kms away from Dandeli is Ulavi which attracts devotees towards channabasweshwar temple.

Dassehara is another attraction for the tourist ( Dandeli tourism) . On the day fire work exhibition is undertaken by the West Coast Paper Mills on the Deluxe ground. Nearly 15 to 20 thousand people gather to view the beautiful.

Different water falls are another attraction for the tourists. Very close to Dandeli situated Yellapur taluk where one can enjoy the beauty of Magod & Salodi falls so also sahasraling is another attraction for the tourists.

Coming to another tourist spots near Dandeli are syntheri Rocks and Sykes points. Syntheri rocks is about 30 kms from Dandeli city which is a site of huge Monolythic rock which is considered as dangerous spot even. Sykes point is in Ambikanagar which came into existence during Britishers rule, A spot worth seeing!

Much and many more await for you in are around Dandeli which should be enjoyed and experienced by oneself personally.


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