...Dandeli White Water River Rafting natural rappids giving task for water rafting in river kali.
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White Water River Rafting is a unique activity has been one of the gifts presented by this river owing to its natural surroundings. Dandeli river rafting is an interesting, thrilling and adventurous activity.

The rapids provided by magnificent and majestic kali river make Dandeli rafting more adventurous. The floating on a raft with a rudder in your hand on a flatly flowing water gradually from on rapid to another is really a very wondrous and exciting experience. Be reading this you be feel curious but you can experience this only when you visit the place and be a part of Dandeli River Rafting. There are some visitors who visit this place frequently with an intention of Dandeli River rafting. Dandeli rafting on the other hand gained popularity with another adventurous activity called white water rafting ( Dandeli rafting ) undertakin in the Kali river. Dandeli rafting rapids and its surging water adds to the adventure. Expert and trained rafts man are appointed to guide and instruct the rafters. All the safely measures are followed like life saving jackets and helmets are provided to the rafters. Water rafting in the arms of mother kali, covers about 13 kms and about and about 5 hours of time, short Dandeli rafting will be of 1 – 2 hours for beginners. Dandeli Rafting rapids created by river are not the normal ones, they make the rafters scream to their content by the time they cross each and every rapid. One who experience this water rafting will only say Its thrilling, exciting and entertaining activity.

Floating in such inflatable rubber raft in the river Kali is totally an entreating one and that is water rafting in Dandeli.

White Water River Rafting White Water River Rafting
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