...Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park Offers Jungle Safari, Jungle Trekking, Nature Camp and Adventures activities in Dandeli Jungle.
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Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary covers major part of the rich and invaluable jungle of Uttara Kannada district situated on the banks of great River Kali. Dandlei has been authorized as Dandeli wildlife sactuary on 10 may, 1956, but unfortunately since then till today it has reduced a bit in size and not fortunately it has incorporated the Anashi Dandeli National Park also. The total are covered  by Sanctuary is 834.16 Sq. Kms. The highest altitude point is the Hegada – Temba on an average the annual rainfall in the vicinity is 2500 mm.

The most suitable time to visit and enjoy the Dandeli Wild Sanctuary is in between March and October. The visitors need not have to get panic to get into this region as there is an easy access by roads and rail conveyance facility arranged in plenty. The centre is between 6 A.M and 6 P.M.  Minibuses are available for visitors along with the rest rooms to stay in with affordable charges. Various adventurous as well as relaxing activities are offered. The Dandeli Wild Sanctuary unfolds itself before the visitors its beautiful and mysterious fauna. The Mammal lovers have a golden opportunity  to sight various ones her for Eg. Sloth Bear, a pretty and strange on termites. Barking Deer, the very name suggests has its sound similar to that of a dog’s barks. Basically they are shy and love solitude. The Indian pangolin is an interesting ant eating creature with over lapping scales and reminds us of a medieval knight in armour. It also survives on ants and termites. The Malbar giant squirrel alias Rutufa India is almost the size of dog, very timid by nature and flattens itself on the branch of the tree in order to save its skin.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is paradise on the earth for the bird lovers or ornithologists. Dandeli wildlife sanctuary has an evergreen forest which is a house for Bamboo and teak wood. Besides it has fruit and medicinal plants to make it richer. Nearly 196 species of birds have sought shelter in this jungle only to name a few – Hornbill, blue trotted Bar bet, Peregrine falcon, curious looking Malabar etc. Many more things are in Dandeli wild life sanctuary.


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