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The very name Dandeli city in Uttara kannada district (Karnataka state) brings to one’s mind the kali river which adds additional beauty to the city in the midst of forest. The Kali river has got rare and exceptional reptiles, rich and abundant forest with its wild habitat and enticing birds. The flora and fauna of Dandlei is worth visiting.

Kali river although known by the name kali is actually a mixture of river Pandri (white) and Kali (black) which join at supa village which is now submerged and a new township has come up in its place at Supa Dam, now known as Ganeshgudi. The river Kali basically take its origin at Diggy which is a small hamlet in the interior forest near Joida. This is one of the shortest rivers in the country which begins is journey at Diggy and take its path through the forest ranges of western ghat valley and joins the Arabian sea covering a length of hardly ninety kms.

The Govt of India has utilized this natural resources for generating Hydel electricity by establishing about 5 dams in the down streams of the river viz. Supa, Bommanalli, Kodsalli, Kadra etc. This river has been a shelter for various acquatice animals consisting of various species of Crocodiles. The Govt has sponsored by developing certain portion of the river as crocodile park where one can see Crocodiles in large number.


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