...Old Magazine House Resort is in Depth forest of Dandeli Ganeshgudi famous for birds siting , Jungle Trakking, Hiking in Dandeli
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“Nature does nothing uselessly” Aristotle”

This quote of the greatest philosopher and thinker suits the best for this Old Magazine House Forest Camp at Ganeshgudi which is hardly 15 kms from Dandeli. Those who come from Goa and Belgaum, this is on the way to Dandeli Via Ramnagar. Old Magazine House Ganeshgudi is one of the natural and well established resorts of Jungle Lodges and Resorts Limited, Bangalore.

Old Magazine House Old Magazine House

Basically this Old Magazine House Dandeli was warehouse about 25 years ago where in it was used to dump dynamic. Now the same warehouse has taken in shap of a beautiful forest camp. In the midst of Dandeli jungle this camp remains cools in all the seasons. This is fully run by professional people and is systematically organized. The food, stay and activities are perfectly looked after without giving room for any complaint. The people who work for Old Magazine House are trained before executing their duties of the camp.

Old Magazine House Old Magazine House
Old Magazine House Old Magazine House

Once you are registered in this camp, you are never kept idle you are engaged in one or the other activities of the camp. After all the activities when you are served with delicious food you forget your worries and take a sound sleep by which you are rejuvenated. All this possible because of Dandeli forest and the kali river in which you are engaged with full of activities. White water rafting is the best one to enjoy with River Kali. There is a saying “Silent sea cant make a skillful mariner” likewise kali river which starts flowing form Supa Dam, famous in Karnataka is not silent. It makes a very good flow hitting the black rocks, creating waves to challenge the rafters. For all this the rafting team is trained 8 – 10 kms of rafting. All the safety measures are taken during white water rafting in the wild Jacuzzi a gods creating! This is a spot which is naturally created by Mother Kali. This is liked by all the ages of people. Early morning one can have a nature walk with this those who love to see varities of birds, can have Bird watch. Dandeli jungle has housed many species of birds, which make many bird watchers visit Dandeli to study about them. There are about 300 species of birds found in this junble, including some foreign birds.

Rappelling is one which interests youngsters who like stunts covers about 25-30 kms interiors forest in an open jeep. There are a lot of possibilities of sighting wild life of the Dandeli jungle. To be frank one must be blessed by nature for this rare spotting of wildlife.

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