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Sykes Point :-

Sykes Point

This spot is about 30 kms from Dandeli. Sykes was the British  officer who on his journey found this spot as a good one to watch the nature and in this way the spot is named after him. This is a scenic spot from where deep valley could be seen. This is “spring time come alive” as one can see Nagjari Power House at the bottom of this mountain. You can see miles of ever green forest and the liquid tranquiz, the kali river, taking the turn in the ghats of mountain and keeps running in bewilderment reaches the Arabian sea. Visiting this place is prohibited because of some security measures. This is under the control of the KPC Karnataka Power Corporation. Those were the days when this was the tourist attraction and people who visited Dandeli never turned back without seeing this beautiful spot. This is the spot which enlightens the heart and soul of Dandeli tourists.

Kavala Caves :-

Kavala Cave

This place is a part of reserve forest of Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. This is about 25 kms from Dandeli and if you visit this pilgrimage centre which is in the midst of thick forest by walk, thrills you with lot of experience. Shiva temple is inside the cave, a naturally formed shivalingu. Every Shivaratri people flock to this shrine to seek the blessings of lord Shiva. Other days if you want to visit this place it going to be an adventure. There are many snakes found in this vicinity and even the King Cobra is found in this are. While trekking you can also find Bison, deer and some wild life of Dandeli forest. All together this experience will be a heart touching one for all those who visit this place. This spot is difficult to sight without the help of guides.

Synteri Rocks :-

Syntheri Rock

This spot is about 35 kms from Dandeli, on the way to Ulavi. This is in the midst of wild Dandeli jungle, this rock is about 300 ft tall. This s amonolithic granite situated in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary range. This rock has homed thousand of birds which makes people see this in wonder. There are many boards put up which give lot of information about this spot. How dangerous this would be those who get into the water. Many deaths have take place in this spot every year.  People who visit this place should enjoy the beauty of the Rock which stands waving the people who look at it. Simply beautiful spot to visit atleast ones in your life time.

Ulavi Temple :-

Ulavi Temple

This is 55 kms from Dandeli, this is a famous pilgrimage of Lingayat community people. This temple is of Channabasaveshwar, the historic man of the 12th Century. It is said that He was followed by King Bijalla’s army. In order to escape from the attack Channabasaveshwara takes the shelter of this dense forest and meditated at Ulavi. This small incident can tell a lot about Dandeli Forest & Wildlife because the army was afraid to enter this forest in search of Channabasaveshwar. He said to be the brother-in-law of Basaveshwar the well known saint of 12th century, who fought for the equality among various caste in those orthodox days. Feast is celebrated every February with great pomp and show with large number of devotees to witness.

Haliyal Fort:-

Haliyal Fort

Haliyal is an agricultural area and the taluka place. This is about 23 kms from Dandeli and hardly 12 kms from Alnavar railway station. Right not this town has developed in a drastic way with one rural engineering college and a sugar factory in this area. In such a place you can see the remains of the fort which was built by Shivaji Maharaj, the great Marath Warrior. Later the same fort was captured by an obedient soldier of Rani Channamma of Kittur, he is none other than Sangolli Rayanna. The fort is worth seeingonce during your visit to Dandeli.

Sathodi Falls :-

Sathodi Falls

This is about 35 kms from Yellapur and Yallapur is about 4 kms from Dandeli. This one of the best tourist destinations in Karnataka. This falls is convered by dense forest which adds to the beauty of this Sathodi falls. The best seasons to visit the scenic spot which the paradise for nature lovers is the month of October. The scene of Sathodi falls is mesmerizing and you need to visit this scenic spot without fail.

Dandeliyappa Temple:-

Dandeli Temple

This temple is about 2 kms from Dandeli which is situated on the bank of the river kali. This area is surrounded by agricultural fields. Dandeliyappa was a spiritual man who lived in the second half of the 19th Century. the people of Dandeli and from near by places trust in his blessing and every during Dashera festival Dandeliyappa Jatra takes place. Even a film is produced in the name of Dandeliyappa and many dramas are played in this humour. Altogether people believe in visiting this temple seeking this blessings.

Crocodile Park :-

Crocodile Park

The crocodile park comes under Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and is recoginised by the Govt. of India. Event he Government has sanctioned fund for the development of this park. This place is very close to Dande that is about 3 kms near Dandeliyappa Temple. If you just stand on the bank of the Kali river, you can see number of crocodiles in the river kali, you can also see same on the island. Yet there is lot to do as far as development is concerned and the department is working hard to make this place as one of the best tourist attraction in the coming days.

Jungleshwar Temple:-

Dandeli temple

This temple is in the outskirts of Dandeli about 6 kms form Dandeli and falls on the way to Ulavi. This place is in the midst of Thick forest which is a temple of Lord Shiva, a very good old temple. Every Shivaratri Abhisheka of Lord Shiva is done in the temple and only on this auspicious occassion in a year people visit to this historical temple. People who visit this place are pleased with the environment in which this old temple is situated. This temple of Jungleshwar (The king of Jungle) is the tourist attraction.

Supa Dam :-

Supa Dam

This Dam though small, is the most popular dam in the Karnataka. This dam is in Ganeshgudi 21 kms from Dandlei. This dam is surrounded by thick forest which is an additional attraction for the tourist. Supa was once a village which is now in the deep water of this reservoir. This village had a temple, a guest house and big rice mill which are now in the water. This  village was a spot called Sangam (where two river met) the river kali (black) and Pandri (White) joined at the spot. It is now a prohibited are. You can view a dam from same noted spots meant for viewing. As soon as this dam came into existence, it has fulfilled lot of requirements of the public around Dandeli and Karnataka even.

Kela Pani :-

Kala Pani

Kela means black and Pani is water. This spot got this name because this spot is on the top of the hill, onthe way to Ramnagar from Ganeshgudi. Vehicles can go upto the spot which is on the roadside. Before the spot was developed and the dam came into existance the people would use to stand at this spot and see the river that is Kali & Pandri joining together. The sangam was so clearly visible that people could see white and black water joining together. But, now if you stand at this spot you can have eagle view of Supa reservoir and fill you mind with pleasure of seeing this beauty of nature. All this becomes more wonderful when you know something abou the place to which visit.

Nature Interpretation Centre :-

Kulgi Centre

This is situated in Kulgi, about 10 kms form Dandeli. This centre is developed by the department of forest. This provides various information about flora & fauna in and around Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary. This interpretation centre has maintained various information in the form of same material and literature. There are some photos about the forest eve. In this way this gives lot of information those who are new to this place the Nature’s Paradise.

Moulangi :-


If you only enjoy the gentler pleasures of nature come to moulangi sit by the side of the slow flowing river and ruminate over life. Exotic romantic place hide behind one of those bamboo thick and hold the hands of your beloved or the trusted friend. Time moves slowly. Good picnic spot near Dandeli 6 kms from Dandeli



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